About us

We’ve been making knives full time since 2002 .We are always trying to offer something different and we’re not afraid to test new materials and processes to be able to do it so.
All our knives are individually crafted and hand made. Every customer can say that they have a truly unique piece.

Our mission is to ensure that the innovative approach must be applied in the process, improvement and passion to fulfill our valuable client’s demand.

We can supply, your cutlery requirements from all the large knife manufacturers!. Utilizing dedicated technical resources and advanced supply chain management systems

  •    Made exclusively from high carbon tool steels.

  •    Each blade is hand profiled, hand ground, hand forged & hand polished.

  •    Forged and welded numerous times to develop the pattern and blade profile.

  •    Hardened in a quenching oil then double tempered.

  •    Polished to bring out the nickel and one of a kind distinctive patterns.

  •    Triple normalized to remove any forging stress, then annealed.

  •    Accompanied with a hand made leather sheath.

  •    Each knife is a one-of-kind functional piece of art.




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