Welcome to MZ-Enterprises

MZ-ENTERPRISES was established in 2002 and the company is well known through out the world and having customers in Germany, France , Spain , Italy , England , Portugal, Denmark, Norway, South Africa, Brazil, U.S.A, Canada,

From the very beginning of MZ-ENTERPRISES has become point of reference in the world of the objects of design, thanks to its dynamic character and its novelty products of a high utility and a delicate presentation.


We have focused our resources on building a site to enable you to view the products with ease. here you can find all your required things about We can supply all kinds of Pocket knives, Hunting knives, Swords, Skinners, Daggers, Butcher's knives, Cutlery, Spoons, Fork, Collector's knives, Traditional knives, Boot knives, Scout knives, Outdoor knives, Butterfly knives, Kitchen knives and also leather sheathes, cutlery, antiques and lots of new things.


All These items are made from stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, Copper, Aluminum, Natural wood, Colored wood, Bone, Buffalo Horn , Stag horn, We use imported steel for knives, swords blades. The blades are hardness and tempered to 59 -62 degree Rockwell and are machine finished to get fine cutting edge.

The knives coming out of MZ-ENTERPRISES workplace are apexes of sophistication - piece per piece - witnesses of a self-conscious austerity in a design that is experienced as an uncomplicated amazement, as perfection folded into itself. There is the temptation, the excitement - at times soothing, sometimes slightly frightening, but always unaffected. purity radiates from his work that immortalizes dignity and sensuality. This is no artificial fuss but a challenging craftsman's inspiration moulded into an artistic design.





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